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Sex Sells: BRINK Golf Electric Bike

Whether it’s slinky lingerie, cheap beer, or electric cars: sex sells. I’m not gonna lie to you, either – I didn’t even notice the bike underneath the girl’s skirt on first glance. Hiding a product between a pretty girl’s legs is usually a bad sign, which makes me think that BRINK’s owners have made a […]

May 14th

Ford Looking To Add Shredded Money To List Of Recyclable Materials

As automakers continue to look for ways to make themselves more profitable and efficient, their interest in renewable materials has grown and grown. With many old petroleum-based standbys growing more expensive oil prices took off, car makers like Ford are looking to renewable alternatives. One alternative the Blue Oval is looking at just happens to […]

April 23rd

EVs Just Got Cuter: the Limited Edition, Hello Kitty i-MiEV

Mitsubishi is hosting an explosion of cuteness in front of their headquarters, in the Tamachi district of Tokyo. A pair of special i-MiEVs is on display, both with Hello Kitty logos and designs. One is pale pink, the other two-toned red and white. Surrounding the little electric rolling Hello, Kitty ads is the Sanrio Summer Festival, scheduled to continue until August 28th. Also surrounding the cars are crowds of girls with cell phones, presumably Hello, Kitty fans.

August 26th