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Why Did Toyota Trademark “Prius Prime”?

As leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime arguably got the coolest name out of all of the Transformers (Starscream gets my vote for runner-up). But the Transformers movie franchise has always been the realm of General Motors, so why did Toyota register the “Prius Prime” trademark earlier this year? As the Kaizen Factor blog notes, […]

2015 Toyota Prius Rumors Start Surfacing

The Toyota Prius has remained at the front of the MPG pack for more than a decade now, and in that time it has garnered a reputation as a reliable, cost-effective solution to high gas prices. Toyota has expanded the Prius lineup to include a compact and a larger minivan, but rivals are closing the mineshaft, errr, MPG gap. So how does Toyota intend to keep the Prius on top?

2012 Chicago Auto Show

2012’s Chicago auto show was, in many ways, very similar to 2011’s Chicago auto show. For instance, GM is still pushing CNG commercial vans, the boys and girls at Scion found just the right mix of clever and whimsy to steal my heart, there was a new (boring) Honda that got upstaged by its super-slick […]

February 9th

Plug in, Hit the Road: Toyota Prius Camper

There are little Prii, big Prii, plug-in Prii, racing Prii, and now – just revealed at this weekend’s Tokyo Auto Salon – there are full-fledged, fully-equipped, and very Real Toyota Prius camper vans. Starting with a new, 3rd-gen Prius, the conversion company adds a streamlined, fiber-reinforced plastic shell that expands the Prius’ interior into something […]

January 16th

Prius Coupe Set for 2014 Launch

It’s no secret that Toyota is planning to add production versions of its Prius c subcompact and Prius v micro van concepts to its growing Prius sub-brand.  The latest news out of Toyota, though, suggests that a new (previously unseen) 2-door coupe may emerge hot on the heels of those 2 new Prii as early as […]

July 31st