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Pike's Peak 2013 – Loeb Shatters the Old Record (w/ video)

America’s oldest and (arguably) most-exciting race took place again this past weekend, and the 2013 Pike’s Peak International Hillclimb did not disappoint. Sure, there are sections of the road that are paved now, but that alone doesn’t explain the quantum leap of performance than seems to have occurred between 2012 and 2013. Before we get to the EVs, we need to take a moment and reflect on a single number: 8:13.878.

July 1st

Race Results: Pike's Peak 2013

This weekend’s running of the Pike’s Peak International Hillclimb was one of the most exciting events in motorsports history, with that rare sort of “quantum leap” forward in performance that you usually see in a decade – except it happened in a year. We’ll be covering Monster Tajima‘s new EV record and Sebastian Loeb’s epic 8:13 record run on their own, but – until then – here are ALL the 2013 Pike’s Peak race results, in overall and “in-class” order of position.

July 1st