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The Difference Between Energy And Power In An Electric Car

We’re car guys and gals here. We know about compression ratios, bore and stroke, horsepower versus torque, and what overdrive means. But can we explain the difference between the battery used in a pure electric car versus a battery used in a plug-in hybrid? Probably not, but odds are our kids can. Fear not, ye intrepid […]

October 19th

Texas Wind Power, not Fracking, Saves the Day

Devastated by droughts and faced with water supplies that have been quite literally sucked dry by the fracking industry they voted into their area, many residents of north and west Texas feel there’s nothing left to do but pray for help. Lucky for them, there are a few Texans who aren’t quite as willing to […]

January 11th

What Kills More Birds, Windmills or Coal Power Plants?

You hear some pretty stupid arguments against clean energy these days. From people who don’t know anything about farming bleating on about ethanol raising food prices to people who don’t understand what causes wind claiming that sailboats cause global warming by “slowing wind down”. These people huffed too much paint in their youth and are […]

November 28th

Ontario Moves to Ban Coal Power

Canada’s taken a lot of heat in recent years for being one of the worst polluters in global history, from the horror of the Albertan tar sands to TransCanada’s “disaster waiting to happen” Keystone XL pipeline. Ontario, however, is working hard to distinguish itself from all that awfulness, and is considering an outright ban on […]

November 24th

New Florida Plant Can Make Ethanol from Grass and Garbage

The INEOS plant heats organic materials in collected organic waste materials (food, yard clippings, etc.) which produces a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen. Bacteria feed on the heated waste to ferment the gas and create ethanol. The company says it intends to begin selling ethanol to US fuel companies and plans to release its first shipments later this month.

August 6th