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Asheville, NC Votes to Shut Down Coal Plant (w/ video)

One of the loudest (and most ridiculous) comments you often hear from anti-EV types is that electric cars are just as bad as gas-fueled cars because most electricity comes from dirty sources. Last week, the city of Asheville, NC took a huge step into the twenty-first century by unanimously voting to shift the city’s electrical […]

October 27th

ExxonMobil Hopes You've Forgotten About Mayflower, Arkansas

On March 29th, ExxonMobil’s Pegasus oil pipeline ruptured, pouring (what ExxonMobil said was) 200,000 gallons of oil into Mayflower, Arkansas. Now, months later, the residents of Mayflower are trying to sift through the lies and misinformation to find out exactly what’s happened to them, and what – of anything – they’ll be able to do about it.

August 17th