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West Virginia Crisis is One More Nail in Coal's Coffin

How bad is the chemical spill crisis in West Virginia? It’s bad enough that Wal-Mart had to call in a police escort to “protect” a shipment of bottled water into an area where the water has been deemed unsafe to bathe with, brush your teeth with, or wash your clothes with. It’s almost enough for […]

January 11th

Brazil Boosts Ethanol Output in the Face of Uncertain Future

Brazilian sugar and ethanol producers saw near-record profits in 2013 with growth of nearly 19% year-over-year. Despite the increased production and profits Brazil has seen, however, UNICA President Elizabeth Farina cited a report which pointed out that “during the past year, producers have spent nearly 15 percent of their revenues on debt servicing,” as opposed […]

December 29th

Lockheed Martin Banks on an Ethanol Future

Fighter jets + ethanol, it’s a calculation that Lockheed Martin recently announced a significant investment in. Lockheed is hoping to secure what it calls, “clean, secure, and smart energy” by buying into a company called Concord Blue. That company gained notoriety in the energy business when it developed a closed-loop, commercially proven, non-incineration process that […]

December 6th

Ontario Moves to Ban Coal Power

Canada’s taken a lot of heat in recent years for being one of the worst polluters in global history, from the horror of the Albertan tar sands to TransCanada’s “disaster waiting to happen” Keystone XL pipeline. Ontario, however, is working hard to distinguish itself from all that awfulness, and is considering an outright ban on […]

November 24th

Nebraska Farmers Build a Barn in the Path of Keystone Pipeline

“Farmers and ranchers in Nebraska didn’t ask to do business with TransCanada,” says the no-nonsense voice-over, “and TransCanada isn’t asking to do business with us.” That idea – that TransCanada is pushing their Keystone XL pipeline on them using political force – is the motivation behind a group of Nebraska farmers and ranchers. “They tried […]

October 7th