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GM EV1 Turns Up in China, Twice

GM’s EV1 is something of an automotive legend these days, with stories of unrestricted cars accelerating to nearly 300 km/h coming fast and hard from the mouths of the true believers. Most of the cars were crushed, however, in a move that many believe was motivated by corrupt government officials colluding with crooked oil company […]

January 31st

BMW Active E Testers Want to Buy Their Test Cars

Two years ago, BMW selected 700 customers to test drive its BMW 1 Series-based Active E electric cars. The test was supposed to collect real-world data and establish whether or not electric power was appropriate for “the Ultimate Driving Machine”. The tests guided the development of the hot-selling BMW i3 EV and i8 electric supercar, […]

January 12th

Review: Testing the Fuel Shark MPG Enhancer

For just $39.95, the Fuel Shark promises that you’ll get 10% better fuel economy, better emissions, more horsepower, and a longer battery life- just by plugging a little dongle into your car’s 12V power outlet. Having spent more than few years, by now, working with heavily intelligent people who spent hours, weeks, and months hacking […]

December 20th

Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-in Hybrid Picks Up Tech Award

The Automotive Researchers and Journalists Conference (RJC) recently met in Japan to award the upcoming Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in hybrid SUV with its ultimate clean tech award, the RJC “technology of the year” award for 2014. The Mitsubishi Outlander’s hybrid EV System features a high-capacity battery that sends juice to separate front and rear motors, and […]

November 19th