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HondaPro Jason vs. the Honda Jet (w/ Video)

Twenty years since designer Michimasa Fujino first sketched the HondaJet concept in 1997, the fuel-efficient little airplane is in full production, offering a low-cost alternative to other private jets. Well, low-er, anyway, since these planes are still over $5 million, making access to one for testing or reviews … let’s call it: limited. That’s where […]

August 14th

Volare Hybrid Plane is Pretty, Flies

We’ve seen more than a few new-age planes here on Gas 2, from hybrid planes to full-electric planes to solar-electric planes. They’re all ugly. The new Volare, from Italian builder Volta, is free. King. Gorgeous. Just look at the thing. I want to name it “Bettina” and do dirty things to it. The beautiful, stunning, […]

May 14th

Fill 'er Up, in SPACE! Antimatter Found in Earth's Orbit

A recent discovery of antimatter in the Earth’s upper magnetic fields have scientists claiming that these tiny specks of matter might one day be used to fuel inter-planetary spacecraft. Tremendous potential energies are tapped matter and antimatter interact (or, “annihilate”) in a reaction that produces energy more efficiently than the nuclear fusion at the sun’s core.

August 15th

Elektra One Solar Plane Takes Aviation Off the Grid

It’s official:  with its new Elektra One electric aircraft and “SunAirport” hangar, aviation company PC-Aero has taken recreational flying off the grid. Billed as “one of the most efficient transportation devices ever conceived”, PC-Aero’s Elektra One employs advanced composite materials and battery technology to keep its dry weight to approx. 400 lbs, which allows the tiny […]

August 14th

Farther and Faster: More Electric Aviation Records Fall

These are exciting days for aviation. In the last few weeks, we’ve seen transatlantic crossings made – for the first time! – on clean, renewable fuels. We’ve seen new developments in powertrain technology, and we’ve seen daring pilots in featherweight electric planes push themselves to new limits and new speeds …

July 10th

Siemens Flies First Series-hybrid Airplane at La Bourget

We live in an age packed with hot-selling hybrid cars, hybrid boats, and even hybrid military vehicles. In fact, the whole “hybrid” thing has become so ubiquitous lately that brands like Buick and Chevrolet don’t even call their hybrids hybrids anymore. In other words, you’d be forgiven for assuming that at least a few of […]

July 9th

Tiny French Electric Plane Sets Records (video)

This independence day, we should also take some time to remember our country’s history and give the French a little love. With that in mind, then, let’s go back to last weekend’s Paris Air Show, where French pilot Hugues Duval still has a fair bit to boast about with his latest accomplishment:  breaking the electric-powered […]

July 4th

Honeywell's Gulfstream Jet Crosses Atlantic on e50 Biofuel

Honeywell‘s camelina-based Green Jet Fuel arrived at last weekend’s Paris AirShow in grand style, powering the company’s Gulfstream G450 demonstrator across the Atlantic as part of the company’s “proof of concept” display to promote and market their biofuel. The Honeywell jet flew in on a 50/50 blend of the Green Jet Fuel and a conventional […]

June 29th