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Toyota Driver: We Need Turbos to Win Dakar

“We have a very good normally-aspirated engine,” said Toyota driver Giniel de Villiers was forced to be content with third overall at Dakar 2016. “Our cars are reliable,” he said about his team’s ability overtake rivals who came into trouble, “but we just need to find a little more speed.”   NA Toyota Tacoma Takes […]

January 18th

Via's Electric Pickup Truck Factory Opens in Mexico

Via Motors EV Truck Manufacturing Plant Opened In Mexico (via EV Obsession) VIA Motors, makers of the VTRUX brand of extended-range plug-in trucks, just launched its first high-volume electric vehicle assembly plant this week, located in a new facility in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. The facility — which is strategically placed…  

November 16th

Recycled Hawtness: DIY VW Pickup on MKIV Jetta

We’ve been clamoring for a compact, diesel-engined pickup for years here at Gas 2. We lust heartily for Ford’s “forbidden fruit” Ford Ranger, which combines city-suitable dimensions with awesome, train-hauling power. We lusted after Volkswagen’s sexy, European Amarok. We’re waiting to see what happens with GM’s upcoming diesel compact pickups, but even so – what […]

September 10th

2013 Ram 1500 Sets New Standard With 25 MPG Rating

As America’s vehicle of choice, the pickup truck has become incredibly ingrained in our national identity. But can pickup trucks survive in a world of $4.00 a gallon gasoline and an increasingly urban population? Automakers like Chrysler certainly hope so, as pickup trucks are their bread-and-butter money makers. So Chrysler’s announcement that the new Ram […]

August 27th

Ford's New Diesel Ranger Pickup Gets Driven … in the UK

Chris’ petition to Ford trying to convince the blue oval boys to bring their “world-market” diesel Ranger to the US has been, comment-wise, one of the most popular posts in Gas 2’s short five-year history. Despite our pleas, increasingly stringent CAFE standards on light trucks, the recession, the complete absurdity of driving a full-size pickup […]

July 28th