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PlantBottle Ford Fusion on Display at Chicago Auto Show

We first met Ford’s PlantBottle Fusion Energi PHEV last fall, when Ford announced a partnership with Coca-Cola to develop a line of sustainable, recyclable, and bio-degradable plant-based plastics for use in Ford’s automotive interiors. At the time, the company talked about plant-based fibers being used in the seats, headliners, etc., but the question was out […]

February 7th

Saudi-Aramco Hacked – Let the Lulz Begin!

Saudi-Aramco, the world’s largest oil-producer*, was hit by a malevolent computer virus last week, which crippled nearly 30,000 of the company’s workstations and threatened to permanently delete most of the company’s electronic data. This, by the way, comes directly from Saudi-Aramco representatives, who revealed that the virus “originated from external sources”, and that its private […]

September 2nd

The New Gas 2: More Buttons, More Tanks, and More Fun!

Since its inception in 2007, Gas 2 has been about a world coming to terms with its addiction to oil. We’ve talked about conservation, biofuels, clean diesels, electric cars, and the politics surrounding them all. Want to hear a secret about all that? OK, I’ll tell you. The fun parts of the future of fuels […]

May 20th

Ford Looking To Add Shredded Money To List Of Recyclable Materials

As automakers continue to look for ways to make themselves more profitable and efficient, their interest in renewable materials has grown and grown. With many old petroleum-based standbys growing more expensive oil prices took off, car makers like Ford are looking to renewable alternatives. One alternative the Blue Oval is looking at just happens to […]

April 23rd

DOD Continues to Charge Towards Alternative Fuel

America’s military has been pushing the envelope of green technology in recent years, from hybrid HUMVEE and Jeep replacements to more fuel-efficient fighter jets to diesel helicopter turbines that pump out clean drinking water for the troops. Despite the current economic uncertainty facing the US (or, perhaps, because of it), the DOD has announced that […]

December 3rd

Plastic 2 Oil Turns Landfills into (stinky) Gold Mines

Whether we like it or not, oil is as economically necessary for our (current) global society as it is a foundation for our fuels … and it’s not getting easier to come by.  Even those claims, however, are often met with controversy – some claiming that oil is running out, others claiming that oil is being […]

August 20th

Canada Thinks Green Cars are a Problem (Really)

Alberta’s tar sands have been called “the dirtiest oil in the world” by Greenpeace and National Geographic, and “mining” these fields means high carbon emissions and serious pollution of natural water supplies. So why are Canadians afraid of electric vehicles? Canada’s own government agents claim that the area’s boreal forests “could be gone within a […]

February 7th

Scientists Researching How Plants Can Make Petroleum

[social_buttons] As part of a National Science Foundation grant program to examine cutting edge ways to make nature work for us, a team of scientists at Iowa State University have been awarded $2 million to unravel how some plants and algae can make hydrocarbons and discover if the genes that govern that process might be […]

October 2nd