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Terry Hershner Completes First Cross-Country Trip On Electric Motorcycle

The first cross-country trip in U.S. history took months, and even after the invention of the automobile, it could still take weeks to get from one coast to another. With the dawn of the electric vehicle era comes a whole new set of records to make and break, and Terry Hershner just became the first man to drive from one coast to another on a pure electric motorcycle. Our hats off to you, Terry.

Nissan Leaf-to-Home: Yes, It’s A Nissan e-Home

Nissan announces a smart home compatible with the Nissan Leaf! Total off-the-grid self-sufficiency! Available soon! …Nissan seems to be talking science fiction at CEATEC Japan 2011, an IT and electronics exhibition held in Chiba this week, but Technology Marketing Director Nobunori Suzuki assures the exhibition attendees and press that the company is quite serious.

October 7th