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Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood’s Electric Car Predictions Are Big

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has left the Obama administration after several years of encouraging biking and walking while discouraging cell phones. During his departure, Secretary LaHood said, “By 2025, all of us, every family, will have some kind of hybrid or electric vehicle,” a very encouraging (if overly optimistic) prediction from a high level government official, and a Republican at that.

July 8th

Obama Changes Stance, Moves To Support Hydrogen Fuel

When Barack Obama first entered office, he came out swinging in favor of electric cars, promising a million electrified vehicles on the road by 2015. The likelihood of that actually happening is the same as Democrats and Republicans coming together to solve…anything. With electric cars entering a lukewarm (at best) market, President Obama is shifting gears with renewed interest and support in hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

US Military: Green Technology = National Security

The United States military is inextricably linked with oil in a number of ways, many of those the $20 billion the Pentagon spends on oil for the military every year. The actual cost of that oil, though, isn’t just the price for the precious liquid itself – it also must include the logistical problems of […]

April 15th

American High Speed Rail is Not Dead – It's More of a Zombie

Before the Thanksgiving break, House Republicans voted to kill a transportation appropriations bill that resulted in the majority of funding for America’s high speed rail program being eliminated. The GOP cheered at the death of President Obama’s national rail network plan; but their jubilation came premature. When the vote went to the Senate things changed […]

December 6th

Obama Approves Expansion of Off-Shore Drilling in Alaska – Drill Baby Drill?

In an attempt to continue the Obama Administrations’ policy of expanding domestic energy production, the Obama Administration has announced a five year offshore drilling plan. The targets – the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska. No Way Out?  With all the advancements in the field of alternative fuels, the fact remains America is still addicted to […]

November 15th

Pew Environment Wants Stricter CAFE Standards (video)

Political activist group Pew Environment (not that kind of pew-pew) is asking for Americans to push the Obama administration towards higher CAFE standards, and it’s using the video to help show Americans that higher fuel-economy standards could translate to significant cost-savings. If Americans want to lobby their representatives for higher mandated mpg numbers, though, they’ll […]

July 3rd

BREAKING: Obama Says Building Sprawl Stops Now!

[social_buttons] From Green Car Congress: Responding to a question from a city councilwoman about transportation and infrastructure in the stimulus bill during a town hall forum in Ft. Myers, Florida, President Obama said that the days of just building sprawl are over.

February 11th