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2014 Honda NSX GT Race Car Breaks Cover

Easily one of the most hyped and anticipated sports cars of the next few years, the Acura NSX has been making waves in the press lately thanks to a series of videos and teaser shots. But the NSX will be more than a weekend toy for the wealthy; Honda intends to campaign the NSX in the Japanese Super GT series, and this morning the Honda NSX GT race car made its debut.

August 16th

Acura NSX Hybrid Supercar To Be Built In Ohio

Once the car manufacturing center of the world, America’s Midwest has suffered from decades of contraction as domestic automakers lost market share. But an influx of Japanese car companies has brought many manufacturing jobs back to the Midwest. Honda recently announced that the Acura NSX hybrid supercar will be built in Ohio at a brand new facility.

Chicago Isn't Good Enough for an NSX (w/ video)

A few days ago, I said something about making sweet love to Acura’s NSX while everyone else at the auto show was paying attention to Hyundai’s new Elantra coupe (note: I actually yawned while typing the words “Hyundai’s new Elantra coupe”). The NSX, with its curves and stance and its promise of blistering trackday performance, […]

February 9th