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Polaris Buys EV-builder Groupil

The powersports specialists at Polaris are expanding their electric capabilities yet again, this time by buying the French commercial EV specialists Groupil.  Groupil is one of the companies behind the tiny electric delivery trucks that see service in cities across Europe – like the urban delivery train developed by the Hoek company that debuted earlier […]

December 3rd

accessio E-mobility Conference | The Future of the Automobile

Last week, accessio brought EV and hydrogen business leaders from the German state of Baden-Württemberg to San Francisco and Los Angeles. The most interesting takeaway was how the region is capitalizing on its long history of automotive industry excellence and pushing the industry toward electric through a combination of grants, partnerships and promotional events.

October 31st

Quirky EV is Made with Bamboo and Paper

So, clearly, this little car is not meant for the mass market of the United States. It resembles a traditional rickshaw, but the Meguru is an electric car made of bamboo, steel and paper. It has a range of 25 miles per charge, and a top speed of 25 mph. It’s lithium battery takes two hours […]

May 26th