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Dutch Drivers Take Tesla Model S 388 Miles On A Single Charge

August 30th, 2013 | by Christopher DeMorro

While officially rated at 265 miles of range per charge, drivers of the 85 kWh Tesla Model S have already managed to eek over 400 miles of range before refueling. Of course this was at an average speed of just 18 mph, but a duo of Dutch drivers has managed to go 388 miles on a single charge at more realistic city speeds

Electric Vehicles Taking Off in Holland

February 13th, 2013 | by Nicholas Brown

There many only be 7,500 electric vehicles on the road in Holland, but the rate at which they are being adopted is quite fast. The number of electric vehicles on the road octupled last year alone. That's an eightfold increase

Too Much Of A Good Thing? Dutch Bike Lanes Clogged With Commuters

November 28th, 2012 | by Don Aliff

Environmental issues aside, we all know Americans are at the mercy of expensive gas prices and we all frankly need more exercise in general. When it comes to saving money and getting fit a bike is a relatively inexpensive alternative than a car. However, studying a place where bike riding is prevalent shows it's own distinct set of problems

The Hot Tug, An Electric Floating Hot Tub With A Wood-Burning Stove

October 8th, 2012 | by Christopher DeMorro

It’s getting cold here in New England, and I haven’t *quite* finished hooking up my furnace, which means I am typing this whilst wearing a jacket. Perhaps that is why the concept of the Hot Tug, an electric boat/not tub that uses a wood-fired stove to hear the water, is so appealing at this exact moment.

All-Electric “Superbus” May Get High-Speed Lanes In Oil-Rich UAE

June 12th, 2012 | by Christopher DeMorro

The saga of the Dutch “Superbus” has gone from impossible idea to road-going proof-of-concept in just a short few years. The all-electric Superbus is the answer to a question nobody asked, namely how do we make buses more fun? With a top-speed of 155 mph and an all-electric drivetrain, the Dutch-built Superbus may soon find a home in the unlikeliest of places; the oil-rich United Arab Emirates.

Green News Roundup: Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

October 4th, 2011 | by Christopher DeMorro

Another morning, another round of interesting news that I just didn’t have time for. Today’s highlights come from around the world, and include a French electric car with wings, a Japanese poop-powered motorcycle, a Dutch cycling initiative, and Kuwait’s airport goes green.

Nobody Walks in LA. But We Do Ride Bikes

September 30th, 2011 | by Susanna Schick

Los Angeles has long been known as the ultimate car town. All of the major car companies test their latest products here, it's the center of R&D for the car industry. So why are bike lanes cropping up all over town? Last week the LA Department of Transportation hosted ThinkBike LA, where a group of Dutch city planning/cycling experts came to help Los Angeles better serve her cycling community

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