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nuTonomy Recieves $3.6M To Add Autonomous Advancements

A developer of autonomous technology, nuTonomy Inc., has just completed a fundraising campaign and rounded up approximately $3.6 million of good ol’ seed money. The advanced software developer and MIT spinoff received investments from Signal Ventures, Samsung Ventures, Fontinalis Partners, and Dr. Steven LaValle, among others. The investments will go to funding continued autonomous vehicle testing […]

February 5th

NASA Showcases Incredible Electric Modular Robotic Vehicle

Electric cars aim to solve the Earth’s increasing problems with pollution, but their service to humanity can extend well past the planet’s surface. NASA has released a video of its incredible Modular Robotic Vehicle (MRV), an all-electric planet-hopping uber go-kart with four independent electric motors that give it a ton of versatility. Because it’s built […]

April 15th

NASA Prototype Racing Coming In 2015

The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) dropped a bombshell on the auto racing world today when it announced its new NASA Prototype race series at the Performance Racing Industry trade show. The series is set to begin in the Fall of 2015. The NASA Prototype race car, designated NP01, weighs just 1550 lbs and features a […]

December 12th

Celebrating Progress: A Martian Rover Party On Earth

As most of you know, NASA landed their most advanced rover yet on Mars. However, many Americans were not aware that this was about to happen, or why they should care that we (the taxpayers) just spent $2.6 billion on a nuclear vehicle with a top speed of 5mph. That none of us will ever get to drive. What is the point of this vehicle, and why should we be glad to have spent that money?

August 7th

Green News Roundup: Friday, October 21st, 2011

TGIF dear readers! I have a long, long weekend ahead of me, what with the replacing of my Jeep’s clutch and all over the weekend (it won’t be pretty…) Some of today’s highlights include NASA throwing open its tech vaults, eco-driving could save truckers 22% more fuel, and Congress moves to kill Big Oil subsidies…again.

October 21st

Fill 'er Up, in SPACE! Antimatter Found in Earth's Orbit

A recent discovery of antimatter in the Earth’s upper magnetic fields have scientists claiming that these tiny specks of matter might one day be used to fuel inter-planetary spacecraft. Tremendous potential energies are tapped matter and antimatter interact (or, “annihilate”) in a reaction that produces energy more efficiently than the nuclear fusion at the sun’s core.

August 15th

Farther and Faster: More Electric Aviation Records Fall

These are exciting days for aviation. In the last few weeks, we’ve seen transatlantic crossings made – for the first time! – on clean, renewable fuels. We’ve seen new developments in powertrain technology, and we’ve seen daring pilots in featherweight electric planes push themselves to new limits and new speeds …

July 10th

A Diesel Airplane with Glider-like Efficiency

Gliders may seem girly, until you consider that we basically landed an entire army with parachutes and gliders during World War II’s Operation Market Garden. So a diesel-powered plane with glider-like efficiency might be just what we need. With five seats and a 200 horsepower engine, the Synergy concept will tip the scales at just […]

All Electric Race Car Beats Speed Record

Unlike many of my fellow gearheads, I’ve come to realize just how much potential for performance is locked away within electric vehicles. Major manufacturers have made the mistake of assuming only the eco-conscious care about electric cars. But if the Tesla Roadster proves anything, it is that there is a market for electric performance cars. Looking […]

Chrysler, NASA Saddle Up Together

The title just about says it all. Chrysler, perhaps one of the worst run auto companies in recent memory, has teamed up with NASA. Yes, that NASA. I guess there are certain perks that come with being bailed out by the US government. Like teaming up with the world’s best funded space organization to develop […]

April 15th