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New England Colleges and Universities Divest Endowment From Fossil Fuel Industries

The Board of Trustees at Unity College in Maine has voted to divest their endowment from fossil fuel industries. Now, the Harvard College Undergraduate Council has announced they want Harvard University to divest its $30.7 billion endowment from fossil fuels. Most American academic institutions, such as colleges and universities, function in part off of financial […]

January 14th

Rolls-Royce Customers: No Diesel

Rolls-Royce buyers are different from most people. They don’t accept things like “compromise”, and that’s why representatives from Rolls-Royce have said their customers won’t accept a diesel version of the compny’s ultra-lux sedans. “A diesel has a lot of low-end torque,” said a source within the company. “But (Rolls’) customers are not going to cop […]

August 4th

Ford Looking To Add Shredded Money To List Of Recyclable Materials

As automakers continue to look for ways to make themselves more profitable and efficient, their interest in renewable materials has grown and grown. With many old petroleum-based standbys growing more expensive oil prices took off, car makers like Ford are looking to renewable alternatives. One alternative the Blue Oval is looking at just happens to […]

April 23rd

Aptera Returns Customer Deposits, Buzzards Begin to Circle

It looks like the dream is over for EV-community darlings Aptera. The would-be builders of the aviation-inspired 2e electric 3-wheeler announced late Friday that the company would be returning all the deposits it took for its planned 2e electric and 2h hybrid vehicles. In a letter sent out Friday afternoon at 5:25 PM Pacific time […]

August 15th

Plug-in Hybrid F-150 Pick-up Truck Getting Put to the Test

How would someone who uses their truck for work, every day, respond to a plug-in pickup? If Ford built a full-size pickup using design notes cribbed from Chevy’s Jesus car Volt, would the savings on fuel justify the added initial costs? That’s what the fleet managers at PG&E (and the drivetrain specialists at ALTe) hope to find out, as they put a converted Ford F-150 pickup through a gauntlet of stop-and-go driving, hauling, commuting, and more next year.

August 10th

Florida's $2 billion for High Speed Rail Goes Elsewhere

It’s all over for high-speed rail in Florida.

The Tampa to Orlando line had the backing of everyone from business to the state’s Republican legislators; but Rick Scott, the new Tea Party-backed governor, blocked it as a “big government boondoggle”. Today the Transportation Department announced that the money will go elsewhere.

May 10th

Bright’s Plug-in Hybrid Delivery Van Delivers: 40-Mile All-Electric Range, 40 MPG

[social_buttons] Indiana-based Bright Automotive has released some pretty impressive performance figures for its technically (and aerodynamically!) slick new IDEA cargo van. Aimed primarily at delivery fleets and in-town rental companies, the freshly-upgraded guppy promises to shave operating costs by thousands of dollars per year, per van. More pictures, an official company press release, and my […]

October 26th