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MINI-E Could Make A Comeback

In 2009, BMW launched a pilot program utilizing 450 MINI-E electric cars, using the information gleaned from the study to build the well-received BMW i3. With a brand-new generation MINI being introduced at the L.A. Auto Show, speculation regarding the return of the electrified MINI has one BMW executive noting that EVs fit the MINI […]

November 27th

MINI Es in Munich – the BMW Test Project Kicks Off

Another step towards market readiness for electro-mobility: The BMW group and the Technical University Munich fired the starting shot for the first project to be showcased in Bavaria-Saxony. Over the coming five months, 25 test drivers will take to Munich’s streets behind the wheels of their own electrically-powered MINI Es.

August 14th

Electric Peugeot EX1 Sets Lap Record Around Nürburgring

For decades now, automakers have used the famed Nürburgring in Germany as a test bed for performance vehicles. Peugeot recently sent its all-electric EX1 ‘round the ‘Ring, setting a new lap record for EV’s. The Nürburgring is actually comprised of several interlacing tracks, with the main stretch, the Nordschleife, comprising about 20 km, or almost […]

Electric Rolls Royce On Road Within The Year?

[social_buttons] You know electric cars are serious when even Rolls Royce is considering ditching fossil fuel for electrons. The maker of luxury cars renowned the world over for their opulence is seriously considering having an electric version of its luxo-bargo Phantom on the road as early as next year… just in time for the 2012 […]

November 24th

Electric Vehicles Mass in Palo Alto

On Saturday, I spent four hours in the blistering August heat of Palo Alto, California exploring the world of electric cars at the 37th Annual Electric Car Rally and Show. Sponsored by the Electric Automobile Association, Silicon Valley Chapter, the event offered a wide variety of vehicles, people and philosophies. I also enjoyed a remarkably […]

September 1st

MINI E Pure Electric Car Preserves the Fun

[social_buttons] Like a rock from a slingshot, the MINI E electric car shoots up the onramp and into the traffic flow. Press the accelerator (don’t call it the gas) and the 150 KW motor delivers its 204 horsepower in a burst. You’ll hardly need the brakes. The regenerative braking system kicks in like the flaps […]

August 7th

Los Angeles Sheriffs Getting Electric Mini Coopers

[social_buttons] LA County Sheriffs stuck driving Crown Vics are about to be left feeling tragically un-hip. Their Board of Sups just approved a deal with BMW to lease 17 fully electric MINI Coopers. Approved on Tuesday, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department will lease the MINI Es for only $10 a month. With a market […]

June 22nd