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It's Really Real: Toyota i-Road Production Begins

Toyota’s pie-in-the-sky EV concept from this year’s Geneva show was hailed by the company as a production-ready concept, leading to a number of sarcastic nods and knowing “Yeah, right.” comments from the motoring press. Here we are, just a few months later, and reports are starting to surface that Toyota has begun production of their […]

September 28th

Geneva 2013: Toyota i-Road Enclosed Motorcycle (w/ video)

This is Toyota’s newest electric commuter concept. It’s called the i-Road, and I could get into all the trick electric motor tech and the formula-1 style safety science meant to keep you alive whenever some kin-cuddlin’ redneck in a jacked-up pick-up decides it’s time to change lanes on top of you. None of that’s all to exciting, though. The cool thing about the new Toyota i-Road is that it leans.

March 5th

Collection Of Classic Microcars Up For Auction

During the 1960s, American automakers were guilty of building some of the largest automobiles to ever be sold as mass market transportation. The whole “bigger-is-better” attitude finally seems to be fading from the American psyche though, though there have always been those who preferred small cars to land yachts, and a large collection of American and European micro-cars is going up for auction later this month.

February 4th

555TES Minute S is Best Thing at Tokyo's 2013 Auto Salon (w/ video)

This little bit of automotive nirvana is the 555TES Minute S. Powered by one of Yamaha’s high-revving 250 cc motorcycle/ATV engines coupled to Toyota’s Aqua hybrid drive system, the tiny commuter promises some seriously fun urban commuting. Despite looking for all the world like one of those dynamically flawed 3-wheeled, motorcycle-tired fail-machines (I’m looking at […]

January 12th

More Mias on the Road in Europe

Size doesn’t matter – at least, not when it comes to beauty and charm. The mia, a microvan produced in France, is the embodiment of practical and cute wrapped up in a tiny package. How Much Car Is Enough? The mia rolls off the line in Cerizay on 14” electric wheels, to the tune of […]

February 5th

A Small Economy Car? What Would the Neighbors Think!?

Last week’s LA Auto show saw the debut of Doking’s electric “luxury” citycar, which looked to combine urban maneuverability and premium materials on a level two steps above what’s been offered by premium compacts from Mercedes, Mini, and Lancia in the past. No matter how “green” or “premium” a car might be, however, there are […]

November 27th

Daihatsu Brings Trio of Microcars to Tokyo Show

Daihatsu may not be well-remembered here in the ‘States, but the brand is Japan’s oldest carmaker – as well as one of Asia’s top sellers, specializing in small-displacement city cars and inner-urban delivery vehicles. Despite an early withdrawal from the US in the 1990s and a more recent withdrawal from Australia, the brand continues to […]

November 13th

Fresh Peel P50 Microcar is Hot and Ready NOW! (video)

The smallest car you can buy today isn’t the Smart ForTwo or even Gordon Murray’s T.27 city car, it’s the Peel Bamby P50 – and you can buy it, right now, for just about 12000 USD. We first covered the rebirth of the Peel P50 microcar a year ago, and are happy to report that […]

September 11th

Reborn LeCar to Join Microcar Battle in 2014

Ah, the LeCar.  We had one of those in the driveway while I was growing up, and I vividly remember being driven to school by my uncle when the little LeCar caught fire.  This was, it should be noted, a commonplace enough thing that I simply started spraying the fusebox with the small extinguisher we’d […]

March 24th

Scion iQ EV Coming in March

Just in time to make my favorite new car that much more favorable, WorldCarFans is reporting that Toyota has plans to bring a prototype of an electric iQ minicar to next month’s Geneva Motor Show. “Essentially a near-production version of the FT-EV concept, the iQ features a newly-developed flat lithium-ion battery that enables the car […]

February 12th

Scion's iQ is Bigger on the Inside

I’d seen a number of articles about Toyota’s little iQ city car (which is being marketed to US customers through the Scion brand) but generally focused on its Aston-Martin derivative, called it a generic-brand Smart, or ignored it altogether.  On to more exciting cars, like the Volt, Leaf, and SLS Mercedes, you know? When I […]

February 12th