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First Long Distance Test | 2013 Zero FX

A month ago, I took delivery of a 2013 Zero FX. My first impressions are here. It’s been a wonderful month, even as I’ve had to work hard to keep The Smug from blinding everyone around me. Well, putting in an 80-mile day on Sunday was a great way to temper The Smug. If you aren’t familiar with The Smug, please take a moment and familiarize yourself here in South Park. Granted, that episode aired way back in 2006 when lowly hybrid drivers could think they were cool. Not so anymore, now that pure EV’s are becoming almost as ubiquitous, and Tesla is profitable.

May 13th

Pinkyracer Rides The Brammo Empulse

We don’t really need all that power, but this is America, and we’re nothing if not obsessed with power. James told me the most exciting ride of his life was following me through LA traffic on the Brammo Empulses we rode today. Today was just another day of freedom to me, only more free because I didn’t have to buy gas. To survive LA traffic, motorcyclists have to be fast and sure. “He who hesitates in war is lost.” are words to live by here. But how fast is fast enough? Would the street version of the bike that won the TTXGP World Championship be fast enough to survive LA traffic?

November 12th

GM Will Re-Introduce "Mild Hybrids"

Remember a few years back, when all of the sudden the market was flooded with hybrids? I’m not talking about the Prius or the Insight, genuine hybrid cars, but rather the “half-hybrids” cranked out by GM and Chrysler prior to their bankruptcy proceedings. There was the Saturn Vue Green Line, Cadillac Escalade Hybrid, the Chrysler […]

August 6th