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The USPS, or: Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Let’s say you live in California (hypothetically). Next, let’s say you wanted to get a package from your address in California to another address in California. Finally, let’s say that you wanted your package to get to its new California home (from its old California home) quickly and efficiently. Pay special attention to “quickly and […]

April 28th

USPS Report Says Total Collapse is Imminent (Yay?)

The United States Postal Service is headed off a cliff, and – according to the US Government Accountability Office – few are even giving its demise a second thought. That’s the same USPS, by the way, that was once a great source of national pride, that united America’s coasts and transmitted vital information at incredible speeds, […]

May 29th

Chocolate Fuels Truck Across Sahara Desert

What do they do with chocolate products they can’t sell? Off to the landfill to decompose and create methane. Wish they could just send it to me. Two young Britons, Andy Pag and John Grimshaw, have traveled more than 4,000 miles across the Sahara using such chocolate as fuel. The two decided to prove the […]

December 23rd