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The 13 Best Green Cars Of 2013

This week we’re taking it easy on the news, and most of the stories are going to be lists from writes of their favorite stories from 2013. I’m going to kick things off with my top 13 favorite overall green cars from the past year, and leading the charge is… 13: The Cadillac ELR We’ve […]

December 23rd

API Releases Slanted Study Aimed At E15

As I get older, I find my tolerance for bullshit receding at a rapid rate. I try not to lose hope in humanity, but there are days when even I am shocked at the ignorant persistence and slanted viewpoints of certain entities. The American Petroleum Institute, which represents America’s major oil companies, is a consistent […]

11 Practical Reasons to Buy an Electric Car

[social_buttons] Over the holidays I saw at least two lists dueling it out as to why electric cars may or may not be in your future. Those lists spanned the gamut from “Dude, they’re too expensive!“, to “Oil’s peaking, get off petroleum now!” But, although they brought up some food for thought, what those lists […]

January 12th

U.S. Gasoline Still Among World's Cheapest

While gasoline prices continue to inch upward, the U.S. still enjoys some of the cheapest fuel in the world. put together a list of world gas prices that could make you feel better about $3 per gallon gas. Country and Price per US gallon: Norway $ 8.67 Netherlands $ 8.52 Belgium $ 8.36 Germany […]

March 3rd