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New LNG Viking Cruise Ship Cuts Emissions

The commercial shipping has taken a lot of criticism in recent years over its massive output of harmful carbon emissions. Proposed solutions to the problem have ranged from solar-diesel hybrids, to pure-solar car-haulers, to massive sailing ships … but AGA and Viking Cruise Lines may have a more “immediate” solution. In a bid to cut […]

February 26th

Propane Autogas: The Sleeping Giant of Alternative Fuel

With reports coming out that gas prices could hit $5.00 a gallon soon, the magnifying glass has been put on alternative fuels like never before. One low profile alternative fuel being considered is propane autogas. Everyone knows about natural gas as an alternative fuel and the controversy that surround it. However, most in America have […]

February 14th

Me Gusta: Porsche Boxter S Ecologic Runs on LPG

The Spanish tuning house RBM Sport has developed a “bolt on” package that allows Porsche’s Boxster S to run on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG, or “autogas” in Europe). Christened the Porsche Boxster “Ecologic,” the car can be started and run on conventional gasoline, and “switched” to LPG from inside the cabin. RBM claims the little Porsche […]

October 23rd