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DeltaWing Design Feud Heads To Court

This week Don Panoz filed suit in Georgia state court to block Nissan from  racing its ZEOD RC Le Mans car after taking out an accusatory advertisement in a Tennesse newspaper, reports Racer Online. The suit seeks monetary damages against both Nissan and Ben Bowlby, the lead designer for both the ZEOD RC and the DeltaWing […]

July 21st

Ford Says EPA May Revise Hybrid Efficiency Test Methods

Ford received a lot negative attention and a federal class action lawsuit for advertising their new C-MAX hybrid and the Fusion hybrid’s 47 MPG efficiency. It all came to a head after Consumer Reports stated that the fuel efficiency ratings obtained from their own test results were 17% and 21% lower than the EPA fuel efficiency that Ford claimed. This backlash could lead to new hybrid vehicle testing methods from the EPA.

January 23rd

Ford MPG Lawsuit Filed In Court

Sound the sad trombone, because once again there is a lawsuit over the failure of drivers to achieve the listed EPA mpg numbers. This time it is Ford which is facing the wrath of angry car buyers, spearheaded by a buyer out of California who wants the Blue Oval to reimburse him for his purchase while ceasing sales tactics highlighting the 2013 Ford Fusion and C-Max Hybrid’s 47 mpg rating.

December 27th

Did Fisker Push The Karma Hybrid To Market Before It Was Ready?

The Department of Energy green loans program has come under a lot of fire, ever since solar panel-maker Solyndra filed for bankruptcy last year. Deficit hawks have targeted numerous green energy companies like Ener1 and Th!nk who were recipients of these low-interest government loans. The latest company to come under scrutiny is Fisker, whose $100,000 […]

March 14th

GM Renames All Models Prius, Sues BBC Over Top Gear Episode

While the rest of the automotive world simply stared at the news reports about Toyota’s decision to name all its new 2012 model-year cars and trucks “Prius” in a move to further cash-in on the small hybrid’s brand-equity, GM’s legal eagles leaped into action – renaming all of its new 2012 model-year cars “Prius” and […]

April 1st