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10 Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches, & McLarens The Ludicrous Tesla Model S Is Quicker Than

As I wrote the other day, the “Ludicrous” Tesla Model S is by some standards the quickest production car in history. But if you are going to count some of those cars as “production cars” and strictly take their 0–60 mph times into account (not their 0–30 mph times or their straight acceleration off the […]

July 20th

Lighter Lamborghinis on the Horizon

In the world of exotic sports cars, Ferrari and Lamborghini have been engaged in a never-ending feud over performance. Lamborghini has always been a bit flashy, and anybody who knows cars knows a Lamborghini by just looking at it. Of course, the sexy sound coming from the exceptionally engineered V12 engines doesn’t hurt either. Times […]

September 15th

Another Eco-Supercar: The Steenstra Styletto

[social_buttons] Alternative-fuel supercars really seem to be picking up steam. Hybrid Lamborghinis? Electric Gullwings? All very cool stuff, but the field is quickly becoming crowded by competitors to the eco-supercar crown. A new California-based company called Steenstra GCM has announced the Styletto, “the first 200-mph-plus super sports car to be built in California” according to […]

September 17th