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eRoadRacing Qualifying Practice | Laguna Seca 2013

Tonight’s qualifying practice showed marked improvements for all eRoadRacing competitors, especially Electric Cowboy Racing’s Brandon Miller who gained 10 seconds over yesterday’s practice. Here are the timing sheets for your analysis. As you can see, the entire field improved dramatically. The sessions both went smoothly, with no crashes.

July 20th

Mission Motors RS Is The Electric Superbike You’ve Been Waiting For

Do you consider yourself a real-life Bruce Wayne, but with a focus on cool green technology rather than crime fighting gadgets? If so, Mission Motorcycles just unveiled the equivalent of an all-electric Batcycle, the Mission RS. With more than 200 miles of driving range and a top speed of 150 mph, you’ll be the coolest rich guy in the neighborhood, as long as you don’t mind shelling out nearly $60,000 for it.

Interview with FIM's Charles Hennekam on Electric Motorcycle Racing

Charles’s job involves taking care of the technical rules for all the disciplines- 50 different championships covering everything from road racing to cross-country rally racing. He is also the Operations Manager for ePower, the FIM’s electric motorcycle racing series. I sat down with him at the Laguna Seca round to find out more about FIM’s interest in electric racing. I saved it until now, because it’s nice to have some racing news in the off-season.

December 27th

Looking for Some Electrifying Excitement This Weekend?

If you’re anywhere near Monterey, CA, you’re in luck. As a support race for MotoGP, the ePower TTXGP race will be held this Sunday, July 29th at the spectacular Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway. One day tickets are just $70. Read all about last year’s nail-biting finish here and check out some of our coverage from this year’s TT Zero, where some of the very same bikes you’ll see this weekend made history last month.

July 24th

Photo Gallery | Friday | ePower/TTXGP

The first practice session was uneventful for most, but Thad Wolff’s Moto Electra motor caught fire, forcing him to ride into the gravel at Turn 4. Another bike that was on fire, but in a good way, was the Mission R. Because this is a brand-new bike which had yet to turn a wheel, many people had been doubtful of its potential.

July 23rd

Racing an Electric Motorcycle at the Laguna Seca Refuel Track Day

When I heard about the Refuel event, a free track day and time trial at Laguna Seca, it was literally a dream come true. I have long been a devoted aficionado of the legendary corkscrew. Laguna Seca has a strict 92 dB sound limit except for major races, like MotoGP. This is due to the fact that some developer was able to trick a lot of golfers and other such genteel folk into buying property and playing a game that requires absolute silence next to a racetrack. So most race cars and motorcycles have to do obscene things to their vehicles in order to pass the sound check, or else go home and forfeit a $300+ track day.

July 14th