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Honda N-One “Natural” Brings Nature To You

In Japan, diminutive “kei” cars are popular thanks to their low cost and small size, which makes parking them in the crowded confines of Tokyo’s urban jungle that much easier. Hopping into the Honda N-One Natural concept though, you can be one with nature again thanks to the wood inlaid interior that even stretches to […]

February 19th

555TES Minute S is Best Thing at Tokyo's 2013 Auto Salon (w/ video)

This little bit of automotive nirvana is the 555TES Minute S. Powered by one of Yamaha’s high-revving 250 cc motorcycle/ATV engines coupled to Toyota’s Aqua hybrid drive system, the tiny commuter promises some seriously fun urban commuting. Despite looking for all the world like one of those dynamically flawed 3-wheeled, motorcycle-tired fail-machines (I’m looking at […]

January 12th

New Honda Kei Car Gets Retro-Like Design

Americans have recently embraced a new wave of economical-yet-refined small cars, abandoning decades of obsession with supersized land yachts. Yet even our compact cars are huge compared to the kei cars of Japan, where government regulations have given rise to a new class of small cars that are light, small, and a whole lot of fun. Japanese automaker Honda is hoping to tug on some nostalgic heart strings with a new line of kei cars based on the popular classic design of the old Honda N-series, which was revealed in recent patent filings.