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Bob Lutz Wants to Reanimate Fisker's Sexy Corpse w/ V8 Power

There’s significant demand for the Bob Lutz-backed Fisker Karma V8 conversions, especially now that Fisker, the company, doesn’t look particularly suited to provide parts and/or technical support for their existing hybrid powertrains. So his interest in Fisker getting bailed out makes sense. That said, it’s specifically because of Lutz’ involvement that I hope the whole enterprise crashes and burns.

May 23rd

How DOE Loans Helped Bring CNG Taxis To The Streets

There has been a lot of discussion among politicians and pundits about the role of government and the “free” market. Conservatives think the government needs to not pick “winners and losers” and let the market decide. Liberals think it is the job of the government to foster new technologies. Both sides have points that can […]

March 22nd

Did Fisker Push The Karma Hybrid To Market Before It Was Ready?

The Department of Energy green loans program has come under a lot of fire, ever since solar panel-maker Solyndra filed for bankruptcy last year. Deficit hawks have targeted numerous green energy companies like Ener1 and Th!nk who were recipients of these low-interest government loans. The latest company to come under scrutiny is Fisker, whose $100,000 […]

March 14th