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More Charging Stations Than Gas Stations In Japan

The establishment of an infrastructure to support electric and plug in cars is proceeding rapidly in Japan. According to Bloomberg News, Nissan says there are now 40,000 public and private charging stations in Japan versus only 34,000 gas stations. The availability of charging stations is an important factor for buyers considering an electric or plug […]

February 17th

Temple Priest Loves His Electric Car (w/ video)

With more than 100,000 units sold, the Nissan Leaf is one of the best selling pure electric cars in history- if not the overall leader. The car’s commitment to emission-free driving and forward-looking technology, rather than the appeasement of the “range anxiety” set, is one of the reasons Nissan (and its sister company, Renault) look […]

January 26th

NISMO Offering Japanese Nissan Leaf Owners Increased Mileage, Performance

While nobody will ever accuse the first-generation Nissan Leaf of being a sports car, a few magazines and test drivers have shown that some small modifications can make a big difference on this little EV. NISMO, Nissan’s in-house performance shop, is offering Japanese customers suspension and motor control modifications that make the Leaf a sportier version of itself.

Sim-CEL Is Fast, Aerodynamic, And Funky Looking

The developer of the Eliica eight-wheeled electric car and the 200-mile Sim-WIL has created the Sim-CEL, another electric car which is just as wacky, weird, and unattractive as its predecessors. Yet the weird swoopy design is less about aesthetics than it is about aerodynamics, and when you put it like that, the Sim-CEL makes sense.

April 9th

Solar-Charged Mopeds!

Gas2 readers may remember the electric mopeds for rent outside train stations in Japan. The phenomenon seems to be spreading – now Tajimi Citi in Gifu Prefecture has launched an initiative to spread awareness of electric vehicles among its populace. The same electric mopeds – the Yamaha EC 03 – will be available for rent in front of the Kokokei JR Station, starting in December.

October 22nd