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Brammo Electric Motorcycle Races Against the ICE Big Boys

Next year’s Isle of Man motorcycle race will once again feature electric motorcycles. This year, though- and, for the first time!- the electric bikes will be competing with the internal-combustion machines in the same category with Darvill Racing bringing a Brammo electric motorcycle to the big leagues. In the past, motorcycles from makes like Brammo […]

February 15th

Inside the Magic Factory of MotoCzysz

Last week, I was granted a rare visit to MotoCzysz headquarters in Portland, OR. I met with their General Manager Ray Crepeau, to discuss where the company is at both commercially and in racing for the 2013 season. Last week they announced their 2013 rider lineup, making it clear that they would like to race the full US season of the eRoadRacing series but for now are targeting IOM TT Zero and the Laguna Seca round of eRoadRacing. I got to see Michael’s father and lead mechanic Terry Czysz hard at work on one bike while lead engineer Nick Schoeps took a moment to stop measuring the other bike’s power delivery on the dyno to answer my questions.

May 4th

Exclusive Interview: Michael Czysz Discusses the Future of Motoczysz

After the SES TT Zero race, I sat down with Michael Czysz to talk about the future of MotoCzysz. Winning the world’s most challenging race (electric or otherwise) three years in a row must have its advantages…

SS: I hear rumors that even though you’re not in the business of manufacturing motorcycles, you’d build a customer bike for the right price. Is that true?

MC: No! People say a lot of things on forums based on hearsay, and they just aren’t true. We’re in the business of selling powertrains.

June 11th

Video: On Board The TT Zero-Winning Motoczysz Electric Motorcycle

The Isle of Man motorcycle race is an important pilgrimage for any fan of two-wheeled motorsports. Our own Susanna Schick recently made the trek to check out the TT Zero, an all-electric race around the famed island racing circuit. This year Michael Rutter riding the Motocyzsz E1pc electric motorcycle broke the 100 mph-average speed record, and we’ve got a brief on-board video from this record-setting run.