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Mitsubishi Fuso Wins Innovation Award

Diesels and gas-electric hybrids have been fighting for the top of the mile-per-gallon heap for years now, with proponents on each side rightly pointing out their chosen automotive messiah’s pros vs. the other’s cons ever since the first Insight and Prius hit the US market a decade ago. Don’t think, however, that it’s just the […]

November 24th

GM to Cancel Hybrid Trucks, SUVs

Despite heavily marketing the company’s Volt and eAssist technologies in the 2013 Chevy and Buick lineups, GM Inside News is reporting that the next-generation of GM’s hybrid full-size trucks and SUVs will not feature hybrid powertrains. This news follows multiple rumors and spy shots that suggest the new full-size trucks and SUVs will not be […]

September 1st

Turbine Power: French Ventile Puts "Spinnaz" to Work

There are so many clever ideas playing out in the Ventile concept I honestly don’t know where to start. Should I start with the “wheel-within-a-wheel” rims that place an electricity-generating wind turbine at each corner of the car?  Keep in mind, this a concept that could be used on electric bikes (below), but also electric […]

March 16th