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US Emerges As The Biggest EV Innovator

The US automobile industry has emerged as the biggest innovator in the field of electric vehicles according to a recent analysis of patent and intellectual property data. The analysis of global patent numbers indicates that US auto manufacturers have moved ahead of the pack in the electric vehicle category, despite reports of declining levels of innovation floated […]

September 7th

GM Sees Tesla Motors As Disruptive

General Motors is a company that represents both the endless possibilities of automotive technology, and the “old guard” that often seems just behind of trends in innovation. Under the reign of CEO Dan Akerson, GM is being proactive, and a small team of analysts has been assigned to study market “disrupter” Tesla Motors to see how it might affect GM’s business.

Renault Wins DHL Innovation Award 2012

Renault is setting new standards in electric mobility and innovative logistics. DHL International awarded the French automaker with its Innovation Award 2012 for successful application of valuable electric battery packs in logistics and delivery. Points For Creatively Moving Stuff Places The logistics and transport giant DHL has been presenting its innovation award since 2008 to […]

March 20th

Hyundai Aiming to Displace Toyota With Electric Innovation

Hyundai’s been working hard over the past several years to prove that it can build cars just as well as Honda or Toyota – and now that they have the reputation of building cars to last, they’re setting their sights on acquiring a reputation for innovation. According to a patent ranking list, they’re doing a […]

November 19th

Is Gas-Powered Racing Innovation Dead?

Event attendance at NASCAR, MotoGP and other series has plummeted during the recession.
Formula One and MotoGP fans and racers alike complain that excessive use of electronics has ruined the sport by making it less competitive.
The new Moto2 spec engine class is by far the most competitive and exciting, yet comparatively low-tech.
Electric motorcycle racing series TTXGP has spawned more innovation halfway through its first season than quite possibly the entire ICE motorcycle industry has over the past decade.

September 6th

Simple Process Turns Raw Plant Material into Fuel

[social_buttons] Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have come up with a straightforward two-step process to convert cellulose — the ubiquitous energy-rich molecules found in all plant material — into a furfural biofuel. To make this simple process reality, Ron Raines and his graduate student, Joseph Binder, developed a special mix of solvents and additives […]

February 13th

Revolutionary Wheel for Electric Cars Puts Guts Inside Wheel

By integrating a motor, suspension system, brakes and tire into a standalone wheel package, Michelin’s paradigm-changing “Active Wheel” technology is an innovation that could make electric cars truly affordable and practical, as well as fundamentally change the way we approach car design. [social_buttons] When you’ve eliminated the need for an engine, a transmission, a drive […]

December 5th

Ethanol Innovation Turns Wood Into Sugar at Room Temperature

In what could be a major breakthrough for second generation ethanol production, German researchers have developed a new method that easily converts raw wood into sugar using a liquid ionic salt bath at room temperature followed by reaction with a solid acid resin. [social_buttons] The process works by chopping the complex raw wood molecules into […]

October 30th

59 MPG Toyota iQ is Coming To the U.S. As a Scion!

Just yesterday I wrote about what I dubbed as “perhaps the ultimate city car,” the 59 MPG Toyota iQ 4-seater. I also bemoaned Toyota for releasing it in Europe but not in the US. >>> more on the Toyota/Scion iQ Well, turns out Toyota is bringing the iQ to the US under the Scion badge. […]

October 14th

59 MPG Toyota iQ On Sale In Europe, US Plans Unclear

Perhaps the ultimate city car for the childless, the Toyota iQ includes all of the safety, comfort, and convenience you’d expect from a larger car, but packaged in the world’s smallest 59 mpg 4-seater. [social_buttons] Before the details fanatics among us get all hot and bothered, the 59 mpg (4.0 liters/100 km) rating refers to […]

October 13th

New Catalyst Lowers Cost of Making Cellulosic Ethanol by 30%

A professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology claims to have developed a catalyst that can cut the cost of making non-food based cellulosic ethanol — “celluline,” as I like to call it — by 30%. [social_buttons] Just for grits and shiggles, let’s say that when celluline’s finally produced in commercial amounts it will cost […]

August 27th

Gasification: Ultra-Cheap Biofuel From Any Carbon Source

Under a new research directive at Ames National Laboratory, scientists are honing in on a way to use a process called gasification to create cheap ethanol from almost any carbon source without fermentation. If they’re successful, crops, agricultural waste, lawn clippings, raked leaves, sewage sludge and garbage could all be turned into ethanol using the same efficient process, in the same facility, under one roof.

August 18th