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India’s Tiny Vans A New Wave Of Automotive Ingenuity

The Ford Model T was really only remarkable because it was produced in such large numbers. Painted just one color (black!) and available with only the most basic of options, the Model T was a very humble vehicle built en masse. Today, America lacks such simple, basic transportation…but over in India automakers are producing a new generation of cars that harken back to the era of the Model T both in simplicity and broad appeal.

December 11th

Reva to Build World’s Largest Electric Car Factory in India

[social_buttons] The Reva Electric Car Company has announced plans to build the world’s largest factory for cheap all-electric cars, capable of a massive annual output of 30,000 units. The Bangalore, India-based company hopes that after the Rs300m ($6.1m) facility begins production in the first quarter of next year, it will help to introduce green energy […]

July 15th