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Electric Cars on Ice – New World Record For Speed

The weekend’s unseasonable cold has once again given rise to thoughts of how well electric cars perform in the cold. Gas2 readers may remember a number of solutions for maintaining battery power and improving range in the bitter cold, but there’s another way to help EVs in icy winter conditions: winter tires. Finnish tire manufacturer […]

April 5th

ERA Electric Sportster Goes Ice Racing (w/ video)

ERA’s sporty electric RaceAbout coupe is a slick, 380 hp, all-carbon, 4WD Finnish sportscar powered by 4 hub-mounted electric motors that are enough to propel the car to triple-digit speeds. The ERA crew has already proven the worth of their car’s hardware at events like Progressive’s Automotive X-Prize and trackdays at Germany’s famous Nurburgring. Now, […]

March 24th

Antarctic Explorer is Halfway Home!

We first reported on the Moon-Reagan Transantarctic Expedition’s E85-powered Antarctic Explorer back in August, when the group announced plans to cross more than 3,600 miles of Antarctic ice in the “pointy, loud, and fast” vehicle shown here. Since then, the 11-person crew has crossed more than 1800 miles, and – despite numerous breakdowns and mechanical […]

December 10th

Nissan LEAF is All About the Polar Bear Hugs

As far as slanderous nicknames go, I always found treehugger to be one of the most creative. It really says it all, doesn’t it? Of course, treehugger doesn’t have to have a negative connotation, and without treehuggers life would be a whole lot smoggier (and quite frankly, a lot less interesting). But what about bear […]

September 10th

Ethanol Speedster to Storm Antarctica

That dangerous-looking propeller/catamaran thing?  It’s taking a team of 11 researchers on a trip that will cover 3,600 miles of the Antarctic surface as part of the (awesomely named) Moon Regan Transantarctic Expedition. That thing is pointy, loud, and fast… and you know you want one.  Find out more about this biofuel-burning ice-rider, after the jump.

August 31st