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Ford Says EPA May Revise Hybrid Efficiency Test Methods

Ford received a lot negative attention and a federal class action lawsuit for advertising their new C-MAX hybrid and the Fusion hybrid’s 47 MPG efficiency. It all came to a head after Consumer Reports stated that the fuel efficiency ratings obtained from their own test results were 17% and 21% lower than the EPA fuel efficiency that Ford claimed. This backlash could lead to new hybrid vehicle testing methods from the EPA.

January 23rd

The HybriDrive parallel system comes to the North American RCV market

BAE Systems has entered into a partnership with Crane Carrier Company one of America’s market leaders in RCV’s, or refuse collection vehicles (garbage trucks). HybriDrive powered vehicles from Crane Carrier Company could hit the market by the end of 2012. The HybriDrive parallel system can be installed with little impact to the vehicle and enhances […]

July 27th

Prius + Prius = Prii

The votes are in, and Toyota made the official announcement yesterday:  the plural of Prius is Prii. Sure, your Latin teacher may complain about it (here’s why), but I think the “Prii” name goes well with the brand, and – according to Toyota – it was the overwhelming favorite in Toyotas “Prius Goes Plural” voting […]

February 22nd

Racing an Electric Motorcycle at the Laguna Seca Refuel Track Day

When I heard about the Refuel event, a free track day and time trial at Laguna Seca, it was literally a dream come true. I have long been a devoted aficionado of the legendary corkscrew. Laguna Seca has a strict 92 dB sound limit except for major races, like MotoGP. This is due to the fact that some developer was able to trick a lot of golfers and other such genteel folk into buying property and playing a game that requires absolute silence next to a racetrack. So most race cars and motorcycles have to do obscene things to their vehicles in order to pass the sound check, or else go home and forfeit a $300+ track day.

July 14th

FedEx Delving Into the World of Electric Cars. Chooses UK-Based Modec for Initial Order of 10 Delivery Vans

Adding to its green fleet of more than 170 hybrid electric delivery vans worldwide, FedEx has decided to try out fully electric vehicles as well with a small group of 10 London-based test trucks. [social_buttons] FedEx has ordered 10 purpose-built zero tailpipe emissions cargo vans from UK-based electric vehicle manufacturer Modec. The new electric trucks […]

December 12th

UPS is First in Delivery Industry to Test Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicles: 50% Better Fuel Economy and 40% Lower Emissions

In partnership with the US Environmental Protection Agency, UPS will begin testing a small fleet of hydraulic hybrid delivery trucks in the United States. The new vehicles can achieve 50-70% better fuel economy, a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and pay for their extra expense in less than 3 years. [social_buttons] UPS will field […]

October 28th

Lotus Is Going Electric

An Elise it isn’t, but Lotus is going into the hybrid and electric car market with the opening of a research and design facility. The latest concept car uses a Vauxhall Astra body, housing a three-cylinder 1.5-litre engine integrated with a hybrid drive, and a 12kw electric motor. The car utilizes the three-cylinder combustion engine […]

February 25th

What Will Your Next Used Car Be?

Sally and I bought a car the other day. Yup, that’s it on the left — a mid-sized, four-wheel drive SUV — what every guy who writes for an environmental website should own. As much as we make of buying “green” and polluting less with our vehicles, we’re sometimes left with few options. What I […]

February 14th

Will Plug-In Hybrids Become the Standard?

Farmers are planting corn and soybeans like crazy, turning food crops into ethanol and biodiesel. Scientists are squeezing oil out of algae while others are trying to coax hydrogen into a fuel that is easy to produce and safe to use. Still other developers are touting the battery-operated electric car, and one company is building […]

January 30th