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More Details of Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive Revealed

Ideally, electric vehicles will one day provide the common man with cheap, reliable, and clean transportation. For now though, the few “affordable” EVs on the market are having a hard time appealing to cost-conscious consumers. For the ultra-wealthy though, electric vehicles offer a new money sink, and the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive is a chief contender wealthy EV enthusiasts.

Built-To-Order British Roadster Gets Biodiesel Power

While green cars haven’t quite caught on with the mainstream consumer, wealthy people the world over are making a statement by opting for expensive green cars like the Tesla Roadster. But not everyone wants a quiet EV; some people want the world to shake when they roll through in their sustainably-powered vehicle.

For those people, British carmaker Trident is offering the Iceni Grand Tour, with a 6.6 liter turbodiesel, an almost 200 mph top speed, and the ability to run a number of different biofuels.

August 24th

Heico Converts Volvo V40 Into Biodiesel Race Car

Swedish automaker Volvo has been on a long and strange journey in the past few years. After buying Volvo, Ford later sold it (at a substantial loss) to Chinese automaker Geely. Yet Volvo has maintained its European roots, and will soon debut a new small family hatchback called the V40. Ahead of its dealership debut, […]

Mazda Entering SkyActiv Diesel Engine In Grand-Am GX Series

Even though I have never owned a Mazda, I have always appreciated the plucky Japanese brand for its efforts to build driver-centric cars. The Miata is perhaps the best example of Mazda’s track heritage, and the new SkyActiv technology promises to blend performance with fuel economy, maintaining Mazda’s fun-to-drive dynamics.. Mazda has announced that it is entering its SkyActiv-D diesel engine into the newly announced Grand-Am GX class for the 2013 racing season.

2013 Ram 1500 Gets 8-Speed Auto, Start/Stop Tech

American automakers are facing a do-or-die moment in regards to fuel economy. Heavily reliant on gas-guzzling trucks and SUV’s, Ford, Chrysler, and GM have got to figure out a way to make their number-one sellers suck down less gas. While Ford bets on EcoBoost and GM focuses on weight savings, Chrysler has announced that for […]

Video: 1,088 HP Electric Car Hits The Road

There are always going to be dreamers and artists who remained tethered to reality only by the taxes and bills they must pay. This means all sorts of concept vehicles and designs are coming out on a regular basis and very, very few every make it beyond a scale clay model. But the Rimac Automobilii […]

November 21st

Is This The Toyota Prius MPV?

Toyota has been hinting that it will expand the Prius lineup to include more than just the current sedan. A natural progression seems to be a more spacious, larger family vehicle, not quite a mini-van, and not quite a station wagon, but something in the middle. A Prius MPV, if you will. The plan was […]

October 28th