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Australia to Build Electric Highway Along Great Barrier Reef

Last week, the Australian government has revealed plans to build a new, 1800 kilometer-long electric highway on coastal roads running along the Great Barrier Reef. featuring free EV charging stations. The project is an effort to promote EVs in Australia as countries like Britain and France move to completely ban the sales of diesel and […]

August 7th

Intelligent Highways That Embrace Electric Cars

We talk a lot about changing cars and transitioning to alternative fuels – but what about changing our roads? Dutch design firm Studio Roosegaarde and Heleen Herbert from Heijmans Infrastructure have an idea that will be breaking ground in the Netherlands in 2013 – intelligent highways. Cars are using alternative fuels or getting better miles per gallon; cars […]

October 29th

Denmark’s Bicycle Interstate Encourages Longer Rides

Will America ever ditch automobiles for bicycles? Probably not. But a grand experiment over in Denmark has taken the ideals of the American interstate, and applied them to an 11-mile stretch of bike-only highway. The hope is that by offering bike commuters a more consistent riding experience, commuters would opt to take their bikes from […]

House Transportation Bill Cuts Funding To Bikers, Walkers, In Favor Of Highways

There is no question that America’s highway infrastructure is in dire straits, and they need to be fixed. Unfortunately, a too-low gas tax and misplaced priorities have seen infrastructure constantly shuffled to the back of the pack, especially when it comes to promoting public transit options, walkable spaces, and bike paths. President Obama and Transportation […]

February 1st

FutureTruck, or: What if Optimus Prime Looked More Like a Monorail?

Meet “FutureTruck”, the result of an AirFlow Truck Company project to develop a more aerodynamic over-the-road truck which, the truck’s designers claim, would cut fuel consumption and harmful carbon emissions by as much as 50%. FutureTruck’s design process was heavily dependent on CFD software, which moves some pretty heavy numbers to determine the path air […]

July 2nd

Loremo Pushes Forward, Announces New EV Concept

We last covered Loremo – the tiny German automaker with big, clean-car dreams – back in 2008, when the company announced plans to build a slippery, 117 mpg bio-diesel commuter with “sporty coupe” pretences.  At the time, the folks behind Loremo promised that an EV was coming … and here it is. Ignore, for a […]

June 5th

An Electric Highway Inspired by the Superbus

Writing about the maybe-future means writing about a lot of concepts that have no basis in reality. Sometimes it means coming up with ideas of my own. What about an all-electric highway made for fast EVs like the Superbus? Maybe it is just the spring air talking, or maybe I caught a whiff of whatever […]

April 11th

Roads as Emissions Eaters?

America has over 5.7 million miles of paved roads, and while some of those roads are being left to rot, many millions of miles are in dire need of repair. Could an emissions-eating asphalt help clean the air around us?

January 27th

Sunswift Ivy Sets Solar Speed Record

Meet Sunswift’s Ivy solar racer, which – as of last week – is the fastest solar-powered car on the planet.  Sunswift took the “world’s fastest” crown las week, when the Australian built Sunswift IV (nicknamed “Ivy”) posted a 54.7 mph record run, smashing the previous 49 mph record by nearly 10%. Designed by students and faculty […]

January 12th