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Gas Station Owners Push for Hydrogen Fuel Cells in Japan

The gas station industry isn’t just taking a nap while Elon Musk and Tesla are busy making trying to make electric cars “the next thing” in transportation. The big fuel distributors have an infrastructure that EVs, for the moment, can’t match – and they want to continue to be able to capitalize on that infrastructure in a “green” tomorrow. That means they want a future that involves their filling stations.

June 1st

Mazda Re-commits to Rotary Power

At this week’s Moscow Auto Show, Mazda CEO Takashi Yamanouchi reaffirmed his company’s commitment to Wankel’s rotary engine technology – confirming its use in the brand’s first extended-range hybrid offering. With this year’s demise of Mazda’s rotary-powered RX8 sportscar (and no RX9 yet on the horizon), many in the industry believed that Mazda had walked […]

September 1st

Penn State Turns Waste-water into Cheap n' Easy Hydrogen Fuel

Researchers at Penn State University claim to have developed a process which shows “that pure hydrogen gas can efficiently be produced from virtually limitless supplies of seawater and river water and biodegradable organic matter” … which is, of course, a fancy way of saying “poopy water”.

September 21st

Popeye Would Love Spinach-based Hydrogen

Cartoons seemed to have gotten it right again last week, when our sister site Cleantechnica posted news out of the Oak Ridge National Lab in Tenessee, which announced a new process that converts visible light into hydrogen fuel, courtesy of ordinary, produce-spec Spinach. Cleantechnica writer Tina Casey reports that researchers at Oak Ridge have been […]

February 14th