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BMW i8 Get Hydrogen Fuel Cell Drivetrain

While Elon Musk believes electric cars are the future, and Toyota maintains that hydrogen fuel cells are a better idea, BMW has committed to playing both angles. After the successful launch of the BMW i3 and i8, the German automaker has rolled out a hydrogen fuel cell concepts based on an early i8 test mule. […]

Video: With the Continental GT, Royal Enfield is Really Trying

“If you bought a Royal Enfield,” says the knowing voice-over in Royal Enfield’s latest product video, “it was job done. It was king of the hill.” That was the 1960s, when the scooter-riding Mods were regularly face-punching/getting stomped by the leather-clad Rockers across the UK. The Mods preferred meticulously prepared steel-bodied Vespas. The Rockers, however, […]

October 4th

Grand-Am Series Announces “GX” Class For Alt-Fuel Vehicles

While there are those who fight the notion that any fuel other than oil is a foolish notion, those who know better are working to embrace alternative fuels on every level. The world of motorsports is developing some truly unique and wonderful technologies that run cleaner and more efficiently, and manufacturers are actively seeking out racing series to demonstrate these advances. The famed Grand-Am series is the latest motorsports competition to embrace alternatives with the new GX class, which will debut in 2013.

Chicago Isn't Good Enough for an NSX (w/ video)

A few days ago, I said something about making sweet love to Acura’s NSX while everyone else at the auto show was paying attention to Hyundai’s new Elantra coupe (note: I actually yawned while typing the words “Hyundai’s new Elantra coupe”). The NSX, with its curves and stance and its promise of blistering trackday performance, […]

February 9th