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In the Army Now! Military Developing Ethanol Fuel Cell

Electricity-generating fuel cells that can be fueled by a cheap, abundant, and renewable fuel source seem to be the holy grail of a low-emission, energy-independent future. Up to now, making the hydrogen that’s powered fuel cell cars has been expensive, but the US military may have come up with new way to generate electricity in a fuel cell with a fuel that we’ve been writing an awful lot about, lately: ethanol.

June 15th

Green Electricity + Electric Cars = Win (Clearly)

Electric cars are a symbol of green transportation – no emissions, no reliance on fossil fuels, no noise pollution, even. And then, inevitably, someone raises a hand and points out that EVs really aren’t that green after all, because manufacturing them still requires CO2 emissions and the source of the electricity driving them is coal […]

February 4th

New Facility Uses Algae to Turn Coal Pollution Into Fuel

A coal fired power-plant in Oregon has started a pilot project to curb pollution by using algae to harvest greenhouse gases and make fuel and other useful products. [social_buttons] The power plant in Boardman, Oregon, is the state’s only coal-fired facility — and also the the state’s largest single emitter of carbon dioxide. To deal […]

September 29th

San Jose Wins Bid For Tesla Electric Car Facility

In a major coup for the city of San Jose, CA, Tesla Motors — of Roadster fame — has chosen a 90-acre lot in an industrial area of the city as the site of its new manufacturing facility and headquarters. [social_buttons] Back in June, the Governator himself was lamenting about the prospect that Tesla Motors […]

September 17th

Tesla Begins Popping Roadster EVs Off Production Line

While the kinks are worked out, Tesla is starting to move Roadsters off the production line slowly. 27 Roadsters are currently in various stages of assembly, and the company hopes to reach a monthly production rate of 100 cars by this December. In a blog post on the company website, Tesla CEO Ze’ev Drori has […]

July 16th

What’s Your Kiwi Score? Device Trains You How to Save Gas

The PLX Kiwi dashboard computer plugs into your car and provides real-time info on how your driving habits affect gas usage — and how to correct them for maximum fuel efficiency. [social_buttons] There are lots of gas saver devices out there that claim to help you increase your car’s fuel economy. Most of them are […]

July 10th

Low Cost Gas Engine Innovation Doubles Fuel Economy

[social_buttons] Revetec, a little known company from the Gold Coast region of Australia, may be on to something huge: they’ve created an engine that is 50% smaller, 50% lighter, has 50% lower emissions and is cheaper to manufacture than a conventional internal combustion engine of the same horsepower. Oh yeah, did I mention that it […]

June 26th

Solazyme Makes First Algae Diesel to Meet Strict US Standard

Solazyme announced today that they have produced the first 100% algae-based renewable diesel to meet the strict American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) D-975 specifications. Called Soladiesel(RD)™, it is the world’s first 100% algal diesel blend to meet these standards. The company has road-tested Soladiesel(RD)™ in a factory standard 2005 diesel Jeep Liberty with […]

June 11th

Tesla Roadster Pictures From SF Green [Pics]

In San Francisco last week I happened to bump into a Tesla Roadster outside SF Green. The pictures are below, but I also wanted to highlight something Daryl Siry, VP of sales marketing and service for Tesla Motors said during the event. Daryl commented that yes, $100K is a lot to pay for an electric […]

May 15th

GM Announces New Cellulosic Ethanol Partnership with Mascoma Corp.

General Motors announced today it would be entering into a strategic relationship with Mascoma Corp., a second-generation biofuel company with the technology to produce cellulosic ethanol from non-food sources via a single-step biochemical conversion. The undisclosed equity share aims to contribute to joint research and development along with technology exchange, plant siting, and rapid commercialization […]

May 1st