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Which States Are Raising The Gas Tax?

Over the last few years, raising gas taxes has been a trendy answer to improving transportation infrastructure across the United States. When raising funds for improving transit, it has often been suggested that states raise the tax on gasoline and diesel fuel. This year, there are at least 9 states, according to, that are […]

March 5th

Strava Metro Lets The Government Track Your Every Ride

Strava Metro is a new service that utilizes big data using global positioning satellite (GPS) technology to track cyclist activity around cities. The service is aimed to help municipalities and bike enthusiasts’ organizations gain a greater understanding how bicyclists use city streets, and in turn improve the situation to benefit pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers. The […]

May 19th

Shell Lays Out Predictions For The Future Of Energy

With hybrids, battery-electric, and other alternative-fuel vehicles on the market and making sales gains, it seems that cars powered solely by gasoline may finally be on the outs. But how long will it take before gasoline cars are completely out of the picture? Energy goliath Shell has laid out two scenarios for the future, though […]

November 7th