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Koenigsegg Regera Reigns With 1,500 Horsepower

1,500 is the most important number to come out of the Geneva Auto Show, as that’s how much horsepower the Koenigsegg Regera plug-in hybrid supercar makes. Three electric motors, smartphone enabled doors, and a twin-turbo V8 are just a few of the features that make this the mightiest “megacar” in the world right now. Based […]

The Kia Sportspace Concept Makes Me Envious Of Europe

Wagons are back in style again, and the Kia Sportspace Concept is the latest long-roof model to steal my heart. Designed in Kia’s Frankfurt design studio, giving it that distinctly European flair, the Korean automaker isn’t saying whether this concept is a promise of things to come, or a sensual tease meant to arouse our […]

February 19th

It's Really Real: Toyota i-Road Production Begins

Toyota’s pie-in-the-sky EV concept from this year’s Geneva show was hailed by the company as a production-ready concept, leading to a number of sarcastic nods and knowing “Yeah, right.” comments from the motoring press. Here we are, just a few months later, and reports are starting to surface that Toyota has begun production of their […]

September 28th

Will The Next-Gen Chevy Volt Offer Multiple Battery Options?

You can bet that GM already has a good idea of what consumers what in the next-generation Chevrolet Volt. That means rumors and hearsay are starting to trickle out, though sometimes a single sentence from one suit can send the automotive media into a feeding frenzy. So comes word that the Chevy Volt may offer less range in the future…or on the flipside, even more range.

Say what?