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Opel GT Returns! Coming To Geneva In March

Many people were not even born yet when the last Opel GT roamed the world’s roadways. Compared to today’s automobiles, the tiny little two seater was crude in a way that only those who had drivers licenses in the 60s can understand. But for the times, it stirred a lot of passion in the souls […]

January 28th

Goodyear Concept Tire Can Charge Your EV On The Go

The Tesla Model S is limited to just 265 miles of range under ideal conditions, but what if the range of your EV could be extended by dozens of miles through your tires? Goodyear has proposed a tire concept that converts the heat energy of the tire’s rolling resistance into electricity that can charge the […]

Koenigsegg Regera Reigns With 1,500 Horsepower

1,500 is the most important number to come out of the Geneva Auto Show, as that’s how much horsepower the Koenigsegg Regera plug-in hybrid supercar makes. Three electric motors, smartphone enabled doors, and a twin-turbo V8 are just a few of the features that make this the mightiest “megacar” in the world right now. Based […]

The Lexus LF-SA Is A Tiny, Techie Concept

Once upon a time, the size of your car typically correlated with your financial standing; the wealthier you were, the bigger your automobile. That’s still true to a point today, though the democratization of the automobile means anybody can drive a Cadillac…as long as its 125+ years old. These days less really is more, and […]

Magna MILA Plus Concept Will Debut At Geneva

Magna International is one of those behind the scenes companies that builds stuff for the automotive industry worldwide but never gets to see its name in lights. The Austria-based company is content to be a sub-contractor, making mechanical and electronic components for others. There are rumors Apple has approached Magna to build its upcoming electric […]

March 2nd

The Kia Sportspace Concept Makes Me Envious Of Europe

Wagons are back in style again, and the Kia Sportspace Concept is the latest long-roof model to steal my heart. Designed in Kia’s Frankfurt design studio, giving it that distinctly European flair, the Korean automaker isn’t saying whether this concept is a promise of things to come, or a sensual tease meant to arouse our […]

February 19th