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Gas Station Owners Push for Hydrogen Fuel Cells in Japan

The gas station industry isn’t just taking a nap while Elon Musk and Tesla are busy making trying to make electric cars “the next thing” in transportation. The big fuel distributors have an infrastructure that EVs, for the moment, can’t match – and they want to continue to be able to capitalize on that infrastructure in a “green” tomorrow. That means they want a future that involves their filling stations.

June 1st

11 Practical Reasons to Buy an Electric Car

[social_buttons] Over the holidays I saw at least two lists dueling it out as to why electric cars may or may not be in your future. Those lists spanned the gamut from “Dude, they’re too expensive!“, to “Oil’s peaking, get off petroleum now!” But, although they brought up some food for thought, what those lists […]

January 12th