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Which States Are Raising The Gas Tax?

Over the last few years, raising gas taxes has been a trendy answer to improving transportation infrastructure across the United States. When raising funds for improving transit, it has often been suggested that states raise the tax on gasoline and diesel fuel. This year, there are at least 9 states, according to, that are […]

March 5th

EZ-EV Open Source Trike Kit Seeks Funding

People have been building EVs out of their homes and small shops for decades now, but the recent surge in interest has led to DIYers trying to take their hobby full-time. Gary Krysztopik has been driving around his home-built “battery box on wheels” for more than three years, and he has now turned to the Internet to help him make DIY kits for interested parties to purchase.

January 30th

Funding An Electric Motorcycle World Record

Things have been super crazy these past few days. I only recently found out that there was a class in the FIM/AMA record books just waiting for me and my electric motorcycle to break. I was going to wait until next year to go for the record when I found out about it. However, after sitting and thinking about it for a little while, the excitement just started to bubble up in me like fizz in can of soda punted across a school parking lot. I had to chase that record…but I need your help.

September 11th

Aptera Returns Customer Deposits, Buzzards Begin to Circle

It looks like the dream is over for EV-community darlings Aptera. The would-be builders of the aviation-inspired 2e electric 3-wheeler announced late Friday that the company would be returning all the deposits it took for its planned 2e electric and 2h hybrid vehicles. In a letter sent out Friday afternoon at 5:25 PM Pacific time […]

August 15th

Pay-Per-Mile Tolls Back on the Table

The gas tax is broken. There, I said it. And since raising the gas tax is political seppuku, lawmakers are looking at other ways to raise the necessary funds to repair our nation’s infrastructure. Pay-per-mile tolls, here we come! It is going to take a whole lot of money to repair America’s crumbling roads, and […]

Three-Wheelers Approved for DOE Funds

[social_buttons] Many manufacturers of high-mpg and electric vehicles have adopted a 3-wheeled layout for cost and weight savings, and—in some cases—aerodynamic efficiency. In most states, however, these vehicles are classified as motorcycles. That motorcycle moniker has made them ineligible for DOE funds set aside to foster innovation among American automakers… until now! More details, after […]

October 19th