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Five Quick Tips For Buying Fuel-Efficient Used Cars

Because many Europeans can’t afford a new car, the market for used cars has become hot hot hot, and many people who previously only bought new now find themselves sifting through pre-owned vehicles at a time when high gas prices greatly impact their purchase. Here’s a few tips to help these newbies navigate an often-frustrating buying process of buying a fuel-sipping car.

Video: Army’s New “Fuel Efficient” Ground Vehicle In Jay Leno’s Garage

As one of the foremost car guys in pop culture, Jay Leno has had plenty of ink spilled regarding his love of automobiles. But unlike many collectors, Leno loves the odd, weird, and futuristic in addition to the standard collection of classics. This makes his garage in SoCal a stopping point for many next-gen vehicles, including the Army’s Fuel Efficient Ground Vehicle Demonstrator.

March 12th

Ford's New Diesel Ranger Pickup Gets Driven … in the UK

Chris’ petition to Ford trying to convince the blue oval boys to bring their “world-market” diesel Ranger to the US has been, comment-wise, one of the most popular posts in Gas 2’s short five-year history. Despite our pleas, increasingly stringent CAFE standards on light trucks, the recession, the complete absurdity of driving a full-size pickup […]

July 28th

Honda’s Next Hybrid Is A Snowblower

Hybrid technology is the focus of many car companies these days, including Honda. But hybrid technology can be applied to more than just automobiles, and Honda Power Equipment has come up with a hybrid snowblower that reduces fuel consumption, noise, and will certainly be the most affordable (and time saving!) hybrid on the market.

November 7th

Fiat Zagato 500 Coupe is One Hot Little Number

I’m a sucker for sexy Italians and slick technology, and this petite Fiat 500 concept coupe by Zagato has both in spades. On the “sexy Italian” side, the tiny 500 coupe has been given a sloping roofline and a more sporting stance, courtesy of Zagato’s 17″ chrome-arrow wheels.  The car also features Zagato’s signature “double-bubble” […]

March 3rd

Caterpillar’s D7E Diesel-Electric Hybrid Tractor is an Earth Friendlier Earth Mover

[social_buttons] As a construction industry giant, Caterpillar is best known for moving earth, and now the company seems ready to move the entire off-road vehicle and equipment sector into more sustainable technology that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and cuts reliance on fossil fuels. With its new D7E tractor, Caterpillar is out to demonstrate that a […]

December 23rd