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HondaPro Jason vs. the Honda Jet (w/ Video)

Twenty years since designer Michimasa Fujino first sketched the HondaJet concept in 1997, the fuel-efficient little airplane is in full production, offering a low-cost alternative to other private jets. Well, low-er, anyway, since these planes are still over $5 million, making access to one for testing or reviews … let’s call it: limited. That’s where […]

August 14th

Project M City Car Coming From Shell And Gordon Murray

Shell is teaming up with legendary designer Gordon Murray and engine specialist Geo Technology to create a Project M city car which will be optimized for urban transportation in the cities of the future. Murray has been fascinated by future transport solutions for several years, including a collaboration with Yamaha back in 2013 that resulted […]

April 13th

Audi’s Cylinder-Deactivation Tech Claims 20% Fuel Savings

During the 1980s gas crunch, automakers applied all sorts of primitive fuel-saving technologies to new cars that were usually more trouble than they were worth. These days though ideas like cylinder-deactivation and diesel sedans  are popping up once again, and Audi claims that its new take on this old idea can improve fuel economy by […]

November 13th

Kawasaki Changes the 250cc Game

Kawasaki introduced its smallest Ninja in 1983, and utterly dominated America’s 250 cc sportbike market for over twenty years … until the 2011 model year, that is. That was when Honda introduced the CBR250, which was worlds ahead of Kawi’s vintage-spec. sporty bike. Kawasaki acted quickly, however, and its latest contender for the welterweight sportbike […]

August 5th