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French Diesel-Electric Motorboat Makes (Quiet) Waves

Not all green vehicles have wheels – the French company Rhea Marine recently introduced a diesel-electric hybrid boat. The Rhea 850 Electrica is compact, efficient, and pretty easy on the environment as well as the eyes. The Rhea 850 Electrica isn’t quite a standard hybrid – the diesel engine powers a generator rather than the […]

December 23rd

Drive a Hybrid? Race It at the Fuji Speedway!

The Fuji Speedway had a slightly unusual race last month – instead of supercars going super fast, rows of perfectly normal hybrid cars lined up for a two-hour endurance race called the Summer Eco Car Cup 2011. The race is held every year in August, and anyone with a hybrid car is welcome to participate. Oh, and the car has to be one you can buy at a dealer – perfectly normal hybrid cars only.

September 8th

FutureTruck, or: What if Optimus Prime Looked More Like a Monorail?

Meet “FutureTruck”, the result of an AirFlow Truck Company project to develop a more aerodynamic over-the-road truck which, the truck’s designers claim, would cut fuel consumption and harmful carbon emissions by as much as 50%. FutureTruck’s design process was heavily dependent on CFD software, which moves some pretty heavy numbers to determine the path air […]

July 2nd

Want to Improve National Security? Ride a Scooter.

It is telling of my age, perhaps, that I had originally thought to begin this article with a reference to “Voodoo Economics.”  Even so, there is very little voodoo in the idea that reducing America’s foreign oil dependence/addiction is a good thing.  It’s such a good idea, in fact, and so integral to “national security […]

April 25th