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Texas is Fracked: More than 30 Towns Will be Out of Water due to Fracking

More than 30 towns in West Texas will soon be out of water as a direct result of diverting their well water for use in hydraulic fracking. Largely unregulated fracking, it should be said. Largely unregulated fracking that is definitely putting arsenic into the ground it happens to be drying out. Before you start acting horrified, though, consider: this is exactly what Texas’ mental-midget teabillies voted for.

August 16th

Video: Fox News Gets A Lesson On Civility, Economics From Ford CEO

Fox News, purveyors of half-truths and hysteria, has been on an anti-GM crusade ever since the Bush-and-Obama-backed auto bailouts. Their favorite target is without a doubt the Chevy Volt, a car that has been subject to withering, and often false criticisms. But in a recent interview with Ford CEO Alan Mulally, Fox News host Neil Cavuto tried (and failed) to get Mulally to diss the Volt.

Instead, Mulally told Cavuto that without the auto bailouts, the entire auto industry would have been in “real trouble.”

September 21st

Bob Lutz Steps Up To Defend Chevy Volt

I never thought I’d see the day when an American political party would cheer for the demise of any American company, never mind an institution like General Motors. Yet the Republican party has consistently and consciously lied, slandered, and invented its own facts when it comes to the Chevy Volt and GM’s government-sponsored bailout. Bob […]

January 31st