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New England Colleges and Universities Divest Endowment From Fossil Fuel Industries

The Board of Trustees at Unity College in Maine has voted to divest their endowment from fossil fuel industries. Now, the Harvard College Undergraduate Council has announced they want Harvard University to divest its $30.7 billion endowment from fossil fuels. Most American academic institutions, such as colleges and universities, function in part off of financial […]

January 14th

Ending Fossil Fuel Subsidies Could Achieve Half The World’s Carbon Reduction Goals

There is a lot of discussion in Washington these days about ending tax credits and subsidies for long-standing industries like coal and oil suppliers. But these subsidies are considered sacrosanct by many politicians, often the same politicians who decry any investment into green energy as “socialism.” But a study by the International Energy Agency finds […]

January 31st

Senator Bernie Sanders Takes On Tax Breaks To Fossil Fuel Companies

President Obama’s State of the Union Address was very alternative fuel heavy. This lead to a number of applause breaks and in many the camera captured Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders showing his approval. Senator Sanders has been a champion of the alternative fuel movement for a long time and at a recent rally in […]

January 26th

Bi-Partisan Legislation Looks to Ignite the Natural Gas Engine

[social_buttons] Senators Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) have sponsored the NAT GAS Act. This bill is aimed at giving natural gas the push it needs to become part of the cure for America’s oil addiction. Senator Reid (D-Nevada) is also an original co-sponsor. “Each day, our nation consumes about 21 million barrels of […]

July 9th

UK Starts World’s Largest Algae Biofuel Initiative

Great Britain hopes that algae-based biofuels can reduce automotive and aviation emissions by 2030, and cut overall emissions by 80% by 2050. [social_buttons] While food-based biofuels are taking the heat for rising food prices, other solutions – like algae – are gaining a more serious following. For example, the UK’s Carbon Trust has announced plans […]

October 23rd